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>> bill: only whether they graduate then the real world takes over. i must say i was surprised and pleased about my rate go among college grads. i write a weekly newspaper column that is carried including the flagship the "new york post." i written a column this week what the babies would say. what the babies would say. i hope you take the time to read it especially you guys who are pro-choice on abortion. column is posted right now on let me know what you think. that is it for tonight. check out the factor website which is different as it's possible ted there and talking points memo. it's there in print.
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we would like to spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. sophia, bulgaria, i wonder if we're number one in bulgaria? o'reilly 59 to again, no temerity. again the spin stops right here, because we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean: president obama's pick for next secretary of defense, chuck hagel came under heavy fire during his hearings before the senate armed services committee. they held his feet to the fire and they asked him tough questions about his past controversial comments including anti-semitic positions. watch this. >> he said the jewish lobby, a lot of people i'm a united
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states senator. this pressure makes us do dumb things at times. you said the jewish lobby should not have been used and some other term. name one person in your opinion who is intimidated by the israel lobby in the united states senate. >> well, first. >> name one. >> i don't know. >> why would you say it? >> i didn't have in mind a specific person. >> do you agree that is a provocative statement that i can't think of a more provocative thing to say about the relationship between the united states and israel and the senate and congress in which you said. >> in a speech on the floor of the senate you referred to israel's military campaign against the terrorist group member's as a, quote, sickening slaughter. i would suggest the characterizations -- do you think it is right that israel was committing a sickening
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slaughter as you said in the floor of the senate? >> again, i would want to read all of what i said. first, i've said many times senator, every nation has a right to defend itself. >> do you think a sickening slaughter would constitute a war crime? >> no, it depends if they were attacked. it depends on many factors. >> sean: republicans did not stop there. john mccain held him accountable for not supporting the surge in iraq. >> in an interview 2011, in an interview with the financial times you said i disagreed with the president obama his decision to surge in iraq as i did with president bush on the surge in iraq. do you stand by those comments, senator hagel? >> senator, i stand by them because i made them.
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>> were you correct in your assessment? >> what i would refer to the judgment of history. >> deserves your judgment whether you were right or wrong about the surge? >> i'll explain why i made those comments. >> i want to whether or not they were right or wrong? >> the surge assisted in the objective. if we review the record. >> please answer the question. were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam, were you correct or incorrect? >> my reference to -- >> the question is were you right or wrong. that is a pretty straightforward question. i would like you to answer whether you were right or wrong and free to elaborate? >> i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer.
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>> let the record show he refuses to answer that question. >> sean: and pretty unbelievable patrick j. buchanan and bill richardson. gentlemen, good to see you both. >> how are you doing? >> sean: pat, i was going back in time and few moments i was watching a cable news opinion show by the name of crossfire. does that bring back memories for you? >> i had to testify before the watergate committee. it brought that back to me. i think chuck is a patriot and he has an independent mind. i disagreed with him on the surge. i supported it. i said the iraq war and invasion and occupation and killing thousands and thousands of people to deprive it of weapons it did not even have, weapons of mass destruction that were not
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there, i thought that was one of the greatest blunders. >> sean: come on pat. he said iran's government is elected and legitimate. >> let me explain why. >> sean: come on, pat? >> look, we had an embassy in nazi germany for eight years nations the government as legitimate. was it wicked and evil? yes. fdr recognized stalin in the middle of the wholesale massacre. >> sean: do you think this is a legitimate an elected government? >> unfortunately i think they stole the last election but is it in the united nations, yes, it is. should we talk to them? yes, we should. >> sean: whether to talk to them is a different story. governor, good to see you? >> thank you, sean. >> sean: the question i have
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with all the things on the table and all these controversial positions, israel, jewish lobby, i don't think i've ever seen anyone get beaten up so bad in a hearing as chuck hagel did today. why did the president choose him? >> he chose him because he is a war hero, a vietnam veteran. he served on the armed services committee. he knows when i was in washington, he was the go to guy on veterans' issues. he is strategic thinker. he knows president obama well so he will have that access to secretary of defense. look who has testified for him. senator john warner. senator thad cochran of mississippi is for him. i think he is a good pick. >> sean: he said the united states must eventually eliminate nuclear weapons. he said we must eliminate all nuclear weapons globally.
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he said the israelis are keeping the palestinians like caged animals. his comments -- >> ronald reagan wanted to eliminate nuclear weapons. >> sean: he believed peace through strength and different mentality as chuck hagel. he did, but he also believed in strength. the incidents between him and chuck hagel wants to pare down military. it duwlt have the gap of vulnerability that reagan fixed after carter became president. >> what you have to look at is the record. for 12 years, chuck hagel had a very pro-israeli voting record. he is somebody that is very committed to peace in the middle east. he knows the region. he is strong on israel. on iran, he made that comments 12 years ago. all of us have 30 years of public record of votes.
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i think you have to look at the context of him being nominated right now. he is a republican. he is from nebraska. he is a war hero. >> sean: i love nebraska but that is not a qualification. [ laughter ] >> i meant he is a conservative. you should like him. >> he has a voting record that would like yours. >> sean: no, it would not look like mine. he says the israelis, the palestinians are caged like animals. his comments, he got burned badly by lindsay graham, looked foolish and same with ted cruz and john mccain. he is not equipped to answer a single question. >> look obviously he is being political right now. would you not agree, even israelis would agree that the condition of the palestinian people is not ideal. that is why they want a two state solution. there is real disagreement how
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they are treated in gaza. why can't an american say the same thing. >> sean: i don't think the israelis have put them like chained animals or chained down. they have been the victims of thousands of rockets. >> you have to listen to israelis. people are saying that we are becoming an apartheid state. that is the term they are using in israel. >> sean: the only thing i can say. can you acknowledge even the liberal media acknowledged it was a disaster in terms of a hearing? >> this is the role of the senate. they are going to ask tough questions. they have that right. it was not a good day for senator hagel but i believe he will be confirmed. my hope is that the worst is over. he is going to be a very good secretary of defense. i know the guy. he is serious.
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he is strategic. he is a war hero. >> sean: he is from nebraska. [ laughter ] >> he is a good guy. >> sean: you know why obama wants him? nothing better to gut our defenses as time the world is melting down. >> the republicans themselves are going along with the sequester the president.... >> pat let me tell you in this world of evil we need nuclear weapons. as far as the eye can see we need nuclear weapons. >> he has the same vision as reagan has. >> sean: reagan was a close friend of yours. he is in ronald reagan. you'll see the moment that left hagel stunned and speechless. find out how senator cruz of
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texas caught him off guard. later the obama administration's weakness is on full display this time in the form of a dhs instructional video that urges you defend yourself when somebody is firing a gun in an open space with scissors. >> if you are caught out in the open and take cover, you might consider overpower the shooter. officemax knows... time can be...well...taxing. so right now we'll give you... ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax.
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nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. as we were talking about in last segment. it was not easy for the day for the man no wants to be the next secretary of defense. during a heated exchange when senator cruz confronted with him with an interview. it caught hagel completely off
9:16 pm
guard. >> it came from georgia here in the united states and she writes can persuade today drop the arsenal because the united states -- don't you need to change perception and reality nuclear or otherwise. >> her observation is a good one. it's relevant. yes to her question. >> senator hagel, do you think it's appropriate for the chief civilian leader of the u.s. military forces to agree with the statement that both the perception, quote, and the reality is that the united states is, quote, the world's bully. >> i didn't hear her say that, by the way. i think my comment was, relevant and good observation.
9:17 pm
i don't think i said i agree with it. >> with respect, i think the record speaks for itself. it was in writing, the u.s. is the world's bully, it's the reality and your response, you did say you agree with it. her observation is a good one and relevant. yes to her question. >> sean: the tape does not lie. joining me is liz cheney. this is not a good day. that was a powerful moment. i want to get your reaction to it. >> i have to say, i think this the worst performance i can recall not just by a senior nominee but any nominee up for confirmation. across the board, he came in to this today with concerning policy views that had been well aired, that raised legitimate concerns but he left real
9:18 pm
questions about his confidence. this is the first person that president obama wants to lead the department of defense when we are facing significant threats around the world. he proved again and again today incapable of answering basic questions. didn't understand with the policy with respect to and the segment not only did that questioner talk about the united states as a bully, but the whole notion that the united states needs to take steps toward unilateral disarmament. that is frankly a vision president obama has espoused and people should be concerned with respect to senator hagel as well >> sean: i know he is from nebraska and i'm not sure how that makes him more qualified. with all due respect to governor richardson, they seem to ignore these statements. he was talking about unilateral
9:19 pm
disarmament and the comments about iran and variety of other things. more disconcerted to go me is comments about israel. lindsay graham laid him out today. i almost was embarrassed for the former senator. >> it was embarrassing because you had to sit back and think, wait a second. this is man the president of the united states wants to put in command of our armed forces. first of all, think about the obligation we have to the men and women in uniform. we owe them the best. this certainly is not the best. we watch this performance by somebody who failed to comprehend the most fundamental threats as a nation. at one point he talked about the fact he didn't imagine he would be in charge of anything. you couldn't make up how baffled and dazed and confused he appeared. these senators like to help their own. they like to confirm the president's nomination,
9:20 pm
particularly a senator, but at some point the question of competence has to enter into this. >> sean: i'm trying to get to the understanding of why. i mean, the president has problems with israel. we see what is happening the rise of radical islamists around the world. he knew this would be a controversial nominee, unilateral disarmament, iran and israel -- why? why would obama pick him? can you make a guess here? >> i think first of all the president shares his views or doesn't have a problem with his views which raises another set of issues. secondly, you've got to assume that the president isn't paying too much attention. look what has happened in the last 24 hours. iranians have been asked if they are going to significantly increase the number of centrifuges they are using.
9:21 pm
you've got new threats from al-qaeda both against the united states homeland and interests overseas. two days ago the israelis had to take action against a convoy that was carrying russian made missiles to hezbollah. you have a world that is increasingly dangerous and chuck hagel shows he is not up to the task. >> sean: great insight. thanks for being with us. thank you. >> sean: up next -- >> in the event of a shooting, you must determine the most reasonable way to protect your own life. you will need to determine if the best course will be to evacuate or to hide. >> sean: an administration that is committed to take your firearms. wants you to run or hide and open area, they advise you to get a pair of scissors. you paid for this. we'll play this homeland video. it appeared, pigs are taking
9:22 pm
flight. mainstream media is calls out al gore for his hypocrisy. gore for his hypocrisy. that will kick off the media all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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>>. >> sean: so it's only took a few years, but washington has figured out how to help you keep you safe if you are victim of an active gunman situation, it involves, a desk and a pair of scissors. the department of homeland security has put together a so-called instructional video to prep us for this emergency scenario. i got to warn you, it's most pathetic video i have ever seen. look at this. >> in the event of a shooting at your location, you must quickly determine the most reasonable way to protect your own life.
9:26 pm
will you need to determine if the best course of action is to evacuate or to hide. call 911 when it is safe to do so. if there is an accessible escape route attempt to evacuate. if evacuation is not the best option, find a place to hide where the shooter is less likely to find you and make sure it doesn't trap or restrict you. consider the difference between cover and concealment. cover will protect you from gunfire and concealment will hide from you the view of the shooter. quickly choose the best option. if you caught out in the open and can't conceal yourself, you might consider trying to overpower the shooter with whatever means are available. lock the door if you can. lock the door with heavy furniture and move away from windows. hide behind cabinets or desks. >> sean: don't forget your scissors. it explains a lot about the current administration. they are trying to take your
9:27 pm
second amendment rights but scissors are always available. here is reaction, staff writer, selenamak well and good to see you. we're paying for that video. they are talking about a mass shooting. they do a really, hide where the shooter is less likely to see you. do we really need our nanny caretaker government to tell us to hide where the shooter is not going to see us? or should we go out in the open? if they didn't tell me, i would have walked out where the shooter is. >> everybody has seen a video like this. it shows like it was made in 1980s. >> sean: is this reefer madness. >> but the fact of the matter is these are obvious solutions. run away and try to hide. get out of the building.
9:28 pm
>> sean: call 911. >> obviously. >> now the best part is when they say, if it is out in the open, grab those scissors. >> i mean look. in tucson, arizona the person that took down the shooter hit them with a folding chair. if it's a chair, it's a chair. >> sean: it would be better if you had a gun. >> personally i use a gun for self-defense at home. that would be my weapon of choice. notice how this video is titled options for consideration in taking down a gunman. as i recall the department of homeland security had different options for their own employees. there is a request released last june the department of homeland security asked for 7,000 firearms, that can fire automatically and guns that are banned under dianne feinstein's
9:29 pm
law. when the department of homeland security uses them they are used in self-defense. but when i want to use it's considered, i do. >> sean: first of all, it's none of your business. i'm a shooter and that is why i look it. you said a gun is not your best option? >> no. >> sean: so a shooter comes in here. what are you going to do? are you going to grab scissors? >> i'm going to try to exit as quickly as possible. i think the bottom line you are more likely to be shot by law enforcement that arrives on the scene and don't know that you are a bystander and actual shooter. in tucson someone arrived with a gun.... >> sean: do you know how silly
9:30 pm
this sounds. if you can't get behind a desk and you can't call 911 and if you can't go to where the shooter is, treating like you are in kindergarten. then they are saying use a scissors. then we're going to use scissors. that is ridiculous. >> your keys will be locked in your desk. why do the department of homeland security that it's a great weapon for self-defense but not a great defense for regular citizens. >> sean: they don't trust it. >> at the empire state building, they shot nine innocent bystanders and more guns adds to the chaos. >> sean: more guns equal less crime. that is factually accurate. wait a minute. where did you get that static, from where?
9:31 pm
from whom. from where. this gets repeated and nobody can cite where it comes from. >> there is a run down of all the difference. >> sean: who does. mother jones magazine? mother jones magazine? so you are listening -- it's not true. john lott wrote a book, more guns and less crime. last word. >> the thing is, yes where guns there is less crime. there is a still in georgia and they are required to own firearms, to hold firearms in every household. the crime rate in that city is half. >> sean: are you pro-choice? >> yes. >> sean: i'm pro-choice. you don't have to have a gun. leave my guns alone. >> liberals are not trying to take your guns away because you are a legal gun owner. >> i can only have seven
9:32 pm
bullets. i want more than seven bullets. thank you very much. i didn't say a hundred. why are you only giving me seven. what if there are three intruders? >> people that are mowing down 20 children at one tiem you are a legal gun owner. i'm talking about the people that need to go through those background checks and republicans are against that. >> sean: no, i'm not. i tell everybody who gets a gun, go get trained. >> and get a background check. >> sean: good to see you both. still ahead, colonel oliver north, with word iran and syria, they may consider closing our ally in the middle east. first you need to pinch yourself after seeing the media mash, left wing journalists people that voted for al gore because
9:33 pm
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and save $500 on our special edition bed set. now at the sleep number white sale. >>. >> sean: welcome back. time for media mash, all the ways the mainstream media puts the spin on the news. none other than the president of media research center, how are you, sir? >> how are you doing, brother hannity. >> sean: it's a little late for me. we got al gore getting off his private jet and i known he has been a hypocrite for a long time. all the left wingers out there. i guess this was just a step or
9:38 pm
reach too far. al gore, al-jazeera, qatar, oil nation he sells his tv to it. they hammered it and i enjoyed a rare moment. watch this. >> here is the guy who just sold current tv to al-jazeera who gets undetermined amount of funding from the country of qatar that gets money from oil reserves. isn't there a contradiction in that? >> can they coexist and if you couldn't find for your business a more sustainable choice to sell to. >> think it is sustainable. what is not sustainable about it. >> he sold current tv to al-jazeera that is funded by qatar which is funded by oil. is it on can for you personally -- i would say profit from oil. >> you al gore....
9:39 pm
>> this country is enabling your ultimate foe? >> i think i understand what you are getting at. >> sean: even that, why does that seem, well easy if it was a conservative? >> i tell you what is going on here. you have every reason, not just to criticize but condemn al gore for selling current tv to al-jazeera. they are pro islamic that is regularly promoting anti-americanism. it is owned by the emirate of qatar and is openly endorsing supporting hamas and hezbollah. al-jazeera that the father of daniel pearl the journalist that was murdered is calling for a congressional investigation into what is going on. not one of these things matters to these reporters. what they care, about you are
9:40 pm
saying about global warning and you are selling to a country that makes oil. it's a stupid global warming argument. >> sean: let's go over to steve kroft over at 60 minutes. reason he got 18 interviews with obama is because we're not going to play gotcha with them. so cbs has come a long way, i'm mike wallace, worse words that people could hear. now, we have a case you have a love fest with obama and clinton and then the media they are about as giddy as steve kroft was. >> love fest. in a require a joint interview has everyone reading the tea leaves. >> from the moment they sat down to talk with cbs news 60 minutes president obama and secretary clinton seemed like they had been the best of friends for
9:41 pm
decades. >> they were side by side, chuckling together. even finishing one another's sentences. >> my take on this, i covered the campaign. i covered it to the bitter end. there was no love between the two of them. i have never seen them do like this. >> benghazi, libya, egypt, iraq, afghanistan, failure -- it's so cute? i get teary eyes. >> let me give you a back story. here is what is going on. hillary clinton has been the darling of the press since he first emerged on the national scene around 1990. she believed and she had every reason to believe that she was going to have the media's blessing in 2008. then they found someone they liked even more. they put her aside and went behind obama. doesn't it tell you something
9:42 pm
that one week after obama's reelection, there they were talking about hillary 2016. they are desperately trying to get back on the bandwagon and as they spent the last eight years, agitating for barack obama, next four will be for hillary clinton. >> sean: let's go on to nbc, george zimmerman, they took out the 911 operator's question. is he is black or hispanic? now the latest is the father who lost a child in sandy hook, they made it seem like the pro second amendment people were heckling him with another phony edit. let's watch the tape. >> why anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault style weapons or military weapons. >> please, no comments while
9:43 pm
mr. heslin is speaking. >> interrupted by the cries of a heckler. that was scene in connecticut where parents of children killed at sandy hook elementary testified before an audience that wasn't always friendly. >> sean: they edited it out. so nobody dares disagree with me. that is disgraceful. >> first of all, your heartbreaks for this man that lost his child. here is the full context of that story. he spoke for 15 minutes repeatedly, he asked the question, if there was any justification for somebody owning a gun such as this. then at one point he turned and he asked dramatically after saying he has a question, no one can give me an answer. at that point a couple people in the audience, said, wait a minute there is justification for that. that turned into heckling. >> sean: pretty disgraceful.
9:44 pm
senator menendez, a growing scandal where really serious allegations about prostitution, underage prostitution and underage girls, this guy that donating money. it seems to be exploding and not getting media coverage. where do you think it goes and the only thing that he is not republican tapping his toes in bathroom stall? >> considering the f.b.i. is raiding his home and abc still doesn't think it's a story. >> sean: thank you for being with us. coming up next, colonel oliver north, live in israel as the nation scrambles to protect itself from iran and syria. there is word the rogue regime in damascus is mobilizing chemical weapons. later. did you hear that ray lewis won
9:45 pm
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>>. >> sean: tonight the tension in middle east is mount after we confirm that israel launched an air strike on syrian weapons threats are coming in from iran and syria. there is reports that israel has moved to the rocket defense system to the northern border. we'll speak live to oliver north live in jerusalem and has attended a series with israeli officials. the israeli strike was prompted by reports that assad's regime was transferring chemical weapons to terrorist groups like member's and they -- like hezbollah. >> it means that chemical
9:50 pm
weapons, would it change dramatically the balance of power in the middle east. that is something i believe that most of the world cannot tolerate. >> sean: and the very latest. lieutenant oliver north. very precarious, the threats are coming in fast and furious? >> very much so. syrian raid whether it happened in the way the press or not, the situation with egypt getting f-16s and the rumors about the nuclear site in iran, all of those very much has this country on edge. earlier today i cornered the prime minister's press spokesman, a good friend. here is what he had to say about what was happening on those three issues. >> papers are full of reports today that israel wants an attack what may have been surface to air missiles coming
9:51 pm
in from syria to lebanon. can you tell us anything about that? >> these allegations are out there. you have to be skeptical about the syrian government says. we have policy of not commenting. we never confirm or deny these sort of allegations. >> sean: israel is saying to syria sear ra that there will be more coming? >> they are concerned about the turmoil in the neighborhood, not just what is happening in syria but all over the place. we talk about what transpired in algeria and death of americans there. they remind us their enemies, jihadists are all enemies, as well. it was pointed out by a senior israeli official, we will always be with the united states. we hope you will always be with us. it certainly a hope that we ought to have. there is concern although they
9:52 pm
will not say so publicly about obama's choice to be secretary of defense as to whether he has that same kind of commitment when they look at resupplying israel in the midst of what could have is a fight for survival. >> sean: this is a big part of the hearings today. senator lindsay graham hammering hagel about his statements, about the israeli, quote, lobby causing congress to make bad decisions. what about the fact that the iranians are making threats. the russians have condemned the israelis when rightly so the israelis are protecting themselves from these weapons getting in the hands of enemies? >> and now being condemned by the arab league headquartered of all places cairo. this is country that knows it is surrounded by enemies. add ver adversaries of israel as well as united states.
9:53 pm
they are deeply concerned. i think their concerns are justifiable. the hope is this administration which has not been friendly will be back backed up by the american people who do want to stand with israel. >> sean: if i was israel i would not be counting on president obama. what is the reaction of the israelis? i know you spent time with officials and were in a lot of meetings. we're giving the 9/11 truther, muslim brotherhood president of egypt, the guy that called the israelis descendants of apes and pigs, giving him 20 f-16s and 200 tanks. i can't believe it. i can only imagine what the reaction in israel is? >> officially they are not going to criticize it. they don't want to raise the ire of the 40s till obama administration. they will not speak on the record criticizing it. i will tell you this, in the background everybody knows this
9:54 pm
puts them further at risk. there is also some talk about, look, we want the f-35 here in israel. we'll see exactly how far this administration is going to bend for the selling those f-16s to egypt while israel is looking to buy f-35s to upgrade their air force. there is never that goes on the record criticizing the obama administration because of the jeopardy it places them in. behind the scenes, there is a lot of very quiet lobbying to make sure they get what they need. >> sean: how is bebe's coalition developing in light of the election? >> that is why we're not with him right now. he is trying to build a 61-vote coalition among the 30 parties. he'll get it done. >> sean: thanks for being with us. you have to see the video.
9:55 pm
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>>. >> sean: we're going to close the show with the recap of the big game. showdown between 49ers and ravens. ray lewis was awarded the superbowl mvp. beyonce invited her, i forgot to tell you. all of that is supposed to happen this weekend. not according to jimmy kimmel's cameras that they caught up in los angeles. let's take a look. >> i sent a camera to hollywood boulevard and asked people if they watched the superbowl on sunday. again, superbowl doesn't happen until this sunday. >> were you surprised by the outcome of the superbowl? >> i was as piston issued. it completely caught me off

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